Flaming Gorge Pipeline Permit Denied a Second Time

by Annika Schaffroth

Flaming Gorge. Green River, Wyoming. Photo/War Department. Office of the Chief of Engineers. U.S. Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel. Circa 1872.

Today, the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee denied an application for the Flaming Gorge Pipeline, a $7 to 9 billion dollar water project that would bring water 500 miles from the Green River in Wyoming to the Eastern slope of Colorado.

This is the second time Aaron Million, president of Wyco Power and Water, has had his permit applications denied. The first was in July 2011 when the Army Corps of Engineers terminated its review of the pipeline proposal.

According to Western Resource Advocates, a regional conservation group, the proposed pipeline is not economically viable because the water would cost Coloradans substantially more per acre foot than other projects, and it would seriously injure the recreational economy of the Flaming Gorge area in Wyoming.

Million plans to resubmit his application to FERC and move forward with the pipeline, according to a Denver Post article.

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